The concrete operation of color paving brick machine for producing pavement colored bricks how much.

We walked on the road, everywhere we could see a piece of patterned stone bricks on the sidewalk, this stone brick than ordinary house building has a certain difference, it has a lot of pattern, so we often call it pattern bricks, these beautiful pattern brick production machinery we call it a color paving brick machine.
Color paving brick machine is a special production of road surface with decorative tiles and colored tiles of the machine.
So what is the specific procedure? Color paving brick machine in the production of tiles used in the raw materials are some part-time garbage, sand, gypsum, discarded stone powder and other waste materials, more economical, environmental protection.
In addition, the color paving brick machine itself is relatively small, lighter quality, operating in the operation is relatively simple, easy to maintain, you can say a very good modern brick making equipment.
The colored paving brick machine also has the concrete step in the use process.
First, the color paving brick machine must first adjust its pressure to the proper part before running, so the pressure cannot be too big or too small.
How to adjust the pressure? First line will turn the turnover board to the color paving brick machine below the concave bottom surface, then start the power, pull the joystick, observe the shock absorber block pressure level, if the pressure is too small to adjust the pressure valve clockwise, if the pressure is too large counterclockwise adjustment pressure valve.
The next step is when the pressure is in the right place.
Second, adjust the pressure to test the brick pressure, that is, debugging the bricks, then the adjustment pressure and the above is the same, the pressure adjustment appropriate, the production of bricks will be flat, will not damage.
So it's very important to adjust the pressure.
If you can not adjust the pressure, then check the equipment is not the valve has been damaged, if the damage to find a professional person to replace.
Third, when adjusting the specific pressure can be specific operation of the production of tiles.
First of all, the power supply to the machine for preheating, after preheating the raw materials into the mixer stirring, and then into the color paving brick machine to suppress the formation of tiles, the resulting tiles in the sun to dry can get the shape of the tiles.
Here is simply to introduce the use of color paving brick machine, the actual operation we have to refer to the color paving brick machine with the instructions, after all, different manufacturers of color paving brick machine in use will be a little different.
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